First Move Can Be Smooth

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How It Works
What Is It?
Got a Crush?

Make your move the easy way!

Now you can play it smart and

learn if your secret crush is available before revealing your name. Brave Daisy puts everything under your control: the nerves, the guts, and the rep. Talking to your secret crush has never been easier!

How It Works
How does it Work?
You give us info on you and your secret crush.
We email your crush telling that someone is wondering if they are available.
If they are - you two start messaging each other via Brave Daisy; if they're not - your secret crush will never know who you are.
Major in Romantic Relationships
When it comes to romantic relationships or just secret crushes, sCOOL ME provides lots of info to tell you. From ways to catch someone's attention to the best romantic gifts - we tend to get everything covered.

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How to Tell if They Like You
Body language can tell much more useful information than simple words. Check out the most important elements of it.
Why Is Brave Daisy Good?
Brave Daisy provides an easy way to learn firsthand if your secret crush is available for you


it keeps your name secret from your crush


you don't have to register to use it


we give it to you for $0!